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April 9, 2021

April Quacks 2021

April Quacks

What’s new in the world of Dux-Soup?

Spring is finally here – the season of new life, sunny skies and fresh opportunity. 

And that’s certainly been the mantra at Dux-Soup over the last month.

The ‘big news’ was the launch of our brand-new multiple drip campaigns feature in Dux-Soup Turbo. This gives you the opportunity to breathe new life into your LinkedIn lead gen campaigns by running multiple, simultaneous, personalized campaigns to your prospects – meaning you can address segments of your audience with more specific and targeted messaging.

Accelerated lead generation in action!

We’ve got loads more planned for the spring and summer (including a new look and feel for Dux-Soup – major teaser alert!) but for now read on to see what else we’ve been up to…

Multiple drip campaigns have arrived!

You can now run multiple, concurrent drip campaigns with Dux-Soup Turbo - meaning you can target more of your prospects with more personalized messaging at once.



Here a handy support tutorial telling you all about how it works.

And make sure you register for our live demo on 13 April, where you can watch, step by step, how to ‘Get Started with Multiple Drip Campaigns’ and ask any questions. Sign up now to book your place.


Not got Turbo?

The multiple drip campaigns feature is included with the Dux-Soup Turbo subscription. If you’re a Starter or Pro edition user, why not take advantage of the Free 7-day Turbo trial if you want to see it for yourself?

You might find you want to join the fast-growing Turbo gang......


**Make sure you’ve got the latest version**

We update Dux-Soup regularly, so always watch out for the newest releases.  To make sure you are up to date with the latest Dux-Soup version (currently 7.6.0), simply restart Chrome or follow these steps.


March Insights

March was a super busy month for new content – all designed to help you get the most out of Dux-Soup and accelerate your lead generation. We ran three webinars and published four blogs - phew!

Why not get immediate alerts for new growth hacking content?

To keep up to date on all this good content we encourage you to take 10 seconds (yep – we timed it) to sign up to receive any new LinkedIn insights, hacks and webinar invitations. Visit - just input your email address, press Subscribe and you're away! 

For now, grab a cup of something and read this handy content round-up from last month…

Dux-Soup Turbo Masterclass: Managing LinkedIn activity from your CRM

In this Dux-Soup masterclass we covered how to manage LinkedIn lead generation from your CRM using Turbo's integrations with Integromat and Zapier – specifically how to:

- View & manage LinkedIn activity from your CRM

- Manage multi-channel activities from one platform

- Improve your lead generation results

- Create stronger marketing workflows

Watch the webinar recording now

We’ll also be publishing a blog on this topic soon so make sure you subscribe for new content alerts so you can read that as soon as it goes live.


Top 7 benefits of Dux-Soup Pro

Whether you're new to Dux-Soup, using our free version or simply a Pro user wanting a refresher, then this webinar that we ran in mid-March was for you.

In this masterclass Giles Garnett, Head of Professional Services at Dux-Soup, shared his expertise on how to increase your network, raise your brand visibility and generate qualified leads, and covered:

- The best loved Pro features including data export, auto connection requests and auto messaging

- Tips and tricks on how to use these features to generate more leads

If you missed it, the good news is that you can watch the recording here or why not read our blog summary?


Beginner’s Guide to LinkedIn

With over 4000 people installing Dux-Soup every month you might well be new to LinkedIn (and certainly the world of LinkedIn Automation).

If that’s the case, don’t panic - you’re not alone. 

Our beginner’s guide to LinkedIn gives you everything you need to understand and get started. Stuff like:

  • Why use LinkedIn? 
  • How to set up your personal profile
  • Where to start with your LinkedIn activity
  • Joining and leaving groups – the list goes on…

**If you are new to Dux (and haven’t done so already) then make sure you join the Dux-Soup Facebook user group. It’s a great place to hang out, network and get loads of LinkedIn advice and Dux product tips!**


Dux-Soup & Salesforce: How to create a lead generation powerhouse

When 2 powerhouses of lead generation combine, the potential is incredible.

We demonstrated in last week’s webinar how to integrate the #1 in LinkedIn Automation, Dux-Soup, with the #1 in CRM, Salesforce.

In the webinar Giles runs through:

  • How to connect Dux-Soup and Salesforce
  • The benefits of managing your LinkedIn Automation activity from Salesforce
  • LinkedIn Automation hacks to grow your pipeline

Watch the recording or read our step by step blog on how to connect Dux-Soup and Salesforce.

Teams and Agency Plans

The new teams and digital agency pricing plans that we launched early in 2021 are flying out the door. They’ve proved really popular so take a look if you feel this is something that would benefit your business.

Dux-Soup for Teams

Yearly multi-seat Pro and Turbo plans for teams are available online. Follow this link to find out more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If your team is currently on a 2+ seat Dux-Soup licence get in touch with Support at - they’ll help you to migrate to the new annual Team plan and you can benefit from the tiered pricing and single invoice! 

Dux-Soup for Agencies

The flexible Turbo agency plan is available by monthly payment and starts off with a minimum of 10 pre-paid seats, which are included in the monthly fee.

Dux-Soup 💗 your reviews

We’d really appreciate a quick review of Dux-Soup on G2. It helps others to get an honest appraisal of it from a user perspective - so they can make the right choice.

Just click this link to leave your review - thanks a million!


And here’s a recent post from one of our users on the Chrome web store – why not make your review the next one we share! 

Book a Booster Call to boost your lead generation!

If you need a little extra help, we provide a 1-hour Booster Call  - a one-to-one session that:

- Is tailored for your business and target market

- Helps you with technical and workflow process setup

- Enhances your lead generation results from Dux-Soup

Book your call here.

Keep up to date with the latest Dux tricks

Sign up to receive new LinkedIn tricks and Webinar invitations at

Have any questions, suggestions or feedback? Send them over to  

Enjoy having an extra spring in your step over the coming months!

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Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery
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Our top 6 ways to use LinkedIn automation to grow your sales pipeline and win more clients.

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