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March 26, 2021

Dux-Soup Pro – the top 7 benefits

Are you a LinkedIn Automation newbie? Or perhaps you’re debating your onwards journey from Dux-Soup’s free starter edition?

Whether you’re itching to discover what LinkedIn Automation can do for you, or you want to become a Dux-Soup Pro superhero, we’re going to show you the top 7 Pro features and benefits and we’ll even show you how to get going with each of them. Tidy!

 So let’s jump start your lead generation journey with Pro. You’ll never look back………


What is Dux-Soup Professional (Pro)?

Dux-Soup Pro is the most popular Dux-Soup LinkedInAutomation plan, used worldwide by thousands of professionals.

Its low cost coupled with feature-rich lead generation capability makes it accessible to both individuals and businesses, earning users a super-fast ROI.

It’s fair to say that as a business growth tool it makes sense on so many levels.

Upgrade to Dux-Soup Pro Now

Dux-Soup Pro allows you to automate the most popular (and time consuming) LinkedIn activities, resulting in easily scalable lead generation without investing more of your valuable time. Sounds pretty neat huh?

You probably want this a bit more of an explanation here, so let me tempt you with just a few of the cool tasks that you can automate with Dux-Soup Pro: 

·     Sending auto connection invitations

·     Sending auto messages

·     Tagging profiles when you auto-visit

·     Downloading LinkedIn profile data

·     Revisiting tagged or uploaded lists for targeting

·     Endorsing connections

If you still want more, the full list is available at

This blog showcases an expert user interface.If you're unable to locate the options mentioned, you can easily activate them within the User tab found in the Dux-Soup Options.

How does Pro compare to the free Starter edition?

Our free Dux-Soup Starter LinkedIn Automation tool gives you the ability to search, scan and visit LinkedIn profiles in order to raise your brand awareness with your target market.

Profiles that you visit will be notified that you have viewed them, giving you free air time from your target audience.

When it comes to lead generation outreach though, it’s Dux-Soup Pro that you’re after.

Pro is a sales and marketing dream; providing tangible and measurable results for all the professionals out there who are looking to grow their pipeline, and their business.

Use it not only to build your network but to distribute content, spread the word about events, promote special offers, communicate with your customers and much more. The opportunities are endless and with the high engagement rates that direct LinkedIn outreach achieves, your results will rocket sky high.

 So let’s show you just what Dux-Soup Pro can offer you with the top 7 features and benefits:

1.   Personalized connection requests

Automate and personalise connection requests using markers e.g. First Name, Company Name, Title, Industry.  

Send invites automatically to your target contacts using standard LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

Benefit: Builds your network, increasing your visibility and expanding the reach of your content.

Here’s how: Once you have your search list ready, create your personalized message accompanying your connection requests in Dux-Soup’s settings when you turn on ‘Send connection requests to 2nd and 3rd degree connections’.  LinkedIn limits this message to 300 characters so keep it short and sweet.

Set this message to send to your search results or target list. Bingo! Instant and easy network growth, and a quick ROI to your business.

2.   Auto messaging

Once someone accepts your connection request, send them a personalized message containing relevant content, questions, advice, updates, offers – in line with your brand strategy. This is where you proactively reach out to your prospects, so be sure to make first impressions count!

Benefit: Gets your content out to your target market, builds relationships, trust and loyalty. Generated leads without investing your time.

Here’s How: In a similar way to the connection requests, create your LinkedIn list and use personalization markers to merge contact details. Write your message, making it exciting and relevant to your audience. Here you have up to 3000 characters to play with, so you can include more content. Tip: be sure to make it shine!

If you have InMail credits then you can also auto-InMail during visits using Sales Navigator or Recruiter. Just bear in mind that you could use up your InMail credits quite quickly with automating messages to prospects that are not yet connections.  

(Note: You do get your InMail credit back when someone responds to you, so making these highly targeted and personalized to your audience is the way forward here.)

3.   Auto Tagging

When you auto-visit profiles with Dux-Soup, you can tag them with up to 5 tags at once. Awesome.

Benefit: Easily segment your LinkedIn contacts into lists so you can send them relevant content, increasing your conversion rates. 

Here’s How:  Hit ‘search by tag’ and select from your tags in a few simple clicks to build your list. You can then apply automation activities to these lists.  

Even better, you can then return to your lists with new follow up messages when you have new content or campaigns to run. Now we’re starting to get into nurture habits. We’re learning fast!

4.   Download your data

With Dux-Soup, every time you visit a profile, it will store the information for you. Pro allows you to download your captured ‘scan’ or ‘visit’ data.

Benefit: Clean your data for improved accuracy before auto-connecting with prospects.  Create multi-channel campaigns by importing your data into third party systems. Simply brilliant!

Here’s How: Click on the ‘download data’ button and choose which data to download. (Pretty obvious right? We like to make it that way.)

5.   Revisiting Data 

Dux-Soup Pro is all about driving high conversion rates. This is why our scan feature allows you to record and download profile data without LinkedIn ever noting it as a profile visit. The other person won’t even know you’ve clocked them. Sneaky.

Benefit: You can pre-clean your contact lists for more accuracy,  improving conversion rates from subsequent automation activity. Also target your own lists. The sky’s the limit.

Here’s How: Download your scanned contacts from the Dux-Soup extension, tidy them up (e.g. remove people with too few connections, missing data etc) and then set Dux-Soup Pro to automate profile visits and lead generation outreach.

Or, upload your own file of contacts and set Dux-Soup Pro to auto-visit them. You just need to make sure it is correctly formatted and has the LinkedIn profile URL against each contact. Sorted.

6.   Auto-endorsing

Available with Standard LinkedIn only, think of endorsing as a courting process to give a little back to your connections. Turn on that charm!

Benefit: Helps engage or re-engage with your 1st degree connections. Show them a little love and they may just love you back more.

Here’s How: Create your LinkedIn list first. Then in the Dux-Soup Pro settings, decide on how many skills to endorse and simply switch it on! It’s not rocket science.

7.   Control & Visibility

Select the dates and times you want your LinkedIn Automation activity to run. Control your limits on the number of connection requests and messages you want to send. 

Dux-Soup recommends not performing manual LinkedIn activities whilst automation is running, so by pausing activity at certain times you can carry out your manual actions then. Aren’t we thoughtful?

Benefit: With Dux-Soup Pro, you’re in complete control. Just be mindful of our recommendations around LinkedIn safety limits.

Here’s How: Use the planner and throttling tabs in the Dux-Soup Pro settings.


So, there we have it Dux-Soup-ers, 7 great ways to use our amazing Pro tool to find, engage, connect with and nurture your prospects. We’ve now given you the ability, so why don’t you go ahead and put it all to good use? 

Remember, they’re easy to implement and will save you huge amounts of time. You never know, they may even earn you a pay rise for being so incredible at lead generation!

So don’t delay, become a Dux-Soup superhero today! And if you’re still confused, check out the Pro masterclass in video form with our very own Dux-Souperhero Giles Garnett.


Of course, if you, like us, focus on the ROI then we’ve got plenty of case studies to share with you. Just head over to and browse away.

What next?

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Happy Dux-ing!

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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