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October 22, 2019

We're sorry for recent Dux-Soup issues

I wanted to take this opportunity to write to all of our users.  Quite rightly, the Facebook user group has had a number of critical posts in the last few days and I wanted to address the points that have been raised.

Some of our Dux-Soup Pro and Turbo users have experienced issues with the normal working of Dux-Soup.  This was caused by LinkedIn making changes to Sales Navigator.  This happens from time to time but as soon as we are aware of an issue, we get to work on producing a fix which is rolled out to our user base via the Chrome Store.  This requires users to update the Dux Chrome extension.

Any change to an extension in the Chrome Store has to be approved by Google.  On this occasion we had a delay whilst the version we published to the store was reviewed by Google.  This normally happens fairly quickly but this time it was much slower than anticipated and it meant that it took longer than expected to get a fix out to you.

Unfortunately, we have no control over this process – it is purely down to Google.  I do recognise that we could have been more open with the reasons behind the delay but our resources were fully focused on fixing the issues that users were having and this was an oversight on our part for which I can only apologise.

Contacting support

A number of people are posting messages on Facebook regarding their specific issues.  This is great if you are looking for general support, feedback and advice from the user community.  We are truly fortunate to have a growing number of users who give up their time to help other users.

The support team do monitor the Facebook page but I would encourage anyone that has an urgent issue or query, to contact us directly at the dedicated email address  We use a ticketing system which means that we have greater control and visibility over all of our support tickets, ensuring nothing slips through the gap.

I know how sometimes it is easier to actually talk someone through their issues to understand what has happened and the support team often arrange Zoom calls with customers.  This is a handy way to get direct 1-1 support. To schedule a free 15-minute support call, please email your request to  

For customers that want specific advice on various aspects of Dux-Soup or LinkedIn lead generation, our Booster calls work really well. These calls are charged at $75 for an hour and can be booked directly via We recently revised the scheduling of these Booster calls so that they accommodate all U.S. time zones.

Turn it off and on again

Generally speaking, the best thing to do if you are having any issue with Dux-Soup is to try each of the following steps in turn to see if it resolves the problem:

• Update your Chrome browser via chrome://chrome

• Update the Dux-Soup extension by restarting Chrome

• Disable all other Chrome extensions via chrome://extensions

• Delete Dux-Soup and reinstall the latest version (Make sure you select “download data” from the menu first. This won’t erase your tags or visit history.)

The above steps will also ensure that you are running the latest version of Dux-Soup.

Dux points

We are migrating to a new payment platform for users to buy Dux points.  We are switching for a variety of reasons but in short we want a more reliable and flexible payment platform that will enable us to offer better service to you.

We hope to have this in place fairly soon and we’ll let you know once it is ready.  As you have seen, when there is an issue with the main Dux product, we focus on this as a priority.  You can still purchase Dux points by contacting Support on and they can arrange to process your order.

Affiliate program

We are also planning to relaunch the Affiliate program. This will introduce more products available to be promoted by affiliates and the Turbo monthly and annual plans will also be included. This will make it even easier to be rewarded for recommending Dux to other people.  

The Affiliate program is still functioning normally.  If your affiliate links are not tracking, please contact Support on and we will look into the issue.


Some users have asked that we provide more information on what is new and different in each release of Dux-Soup. As a rule, patch releases don’t have notes. But minor and major releases will have a release article. This article link is sent via email and posted on the user community - for all release articles and support documentation visit


In summary, I wanted to reassure you that we do take your customer satisfaction very seriously.  I recognise that we fell short of our usual high standards in recent weeks and for this I do apologise.

Rest assured that we are continuing to invest in our development and support resources so that we can continue to bring you what we feel is genuinely the best LinkedIn automation platform on the market.

We believe in being responsive to our users and the development of Dux-Soup Turbo was a direct response to the feedback that we received from you, our customers.  It has had an extremely positive response as it offers something different to the market.

We are also continuing to invest our time in making sure that users are as safe as possible when using Dux-Soup.  We will have further exciting news on what this means for our users in the coming months.

Will van der Sanden

Founder, Dux-Soup

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From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

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