Using markers to personalise your connection requests

Let’s admit it - people don’t like cold calls. Nor do they like getting “cold messages” on LinkedIn.

If you are targeting your potential leads on LinkedIn, it’s important to understand that is works the same as any other sales process. Sending cold connection requests is not cool, not acceptable and would definitely not attract your potential client’s attention. You’re probably getting a lot of connection requests yourself on a daily basis and if you’d take a closer look at it, the messages that are personalized catch your eye the most.

At Dux-Soup, we give our users the ability to personalise their messages and connection requests as much as possible; therefore, in this article we will cover the use of markers in your connection request messages.

To access the messaging, click on Dux-Soup icon in your browser and click on “Options”. Then, you will need to enable the connection requests as shown below:

First of all, let’s review what markers we have available:

_FN_ - will be replaced by the profile’s first name

_LN_ - will be replaced by the profile’s last name

_TI_ -  will be replaced by the profile’s job role

_CN_ - will be replaced by the profile’s current company name

_LO_ - will be replaced by the profile’s location

_IN_ -  will be replaced by the profile’s  industry

_(<expr>)_ - replaced with value of the evaluated Javascript expression

A few points to mention about these markers:

  1. Please note that in order for these markers to work, you need to place the underscore on both sides of the marker. If you put any spaces, the marker will not work, for example:

       _FN_ - correct

      _ FN_ - incorrect (a space left before FN)

       _FN   - incorrect (a second underscore is missing)

  1. The markers are case-sensitive so you must enter them in capital letters
  2. You cannot select the name, company name, location, etc. to be entered in your message - Dux-Soup will take this information itself from the profile

These are the markers that will come in handy when creating your connection requests and you can get very creative. To give you some inspiration on how you can use personalization in your texts, see the examples below:

Example 1:

Hi _FN_,

I hope you are well. I saw we have similar interests and thought it would great to connect to share ideas as we work in the same field.


(your name)

Example 2:

Hi _FN_,

I hope you are well. I’m a Marketing Manager at Dux-Soup and write a lot of blog posts about growth hacking. Would be great to connect so that I could keep up with your posts at _CN_.


(Your name)

Example 3:

Hi _FN_,

Hope you are well. I am looking to connect with people in the _IN_ industry to swap ideas and came across your profile. I’m a big fan of _CN_ and would love to connect!

Best regards,

(Your name)

Example 4:

Hi _FN_,

I hope you are well. I see that you’re a _TI_ at _CN_ in _LO_ and I work in the same field as you. I thought it would be great to exchange connections and keep up with your posts!


(Your name)

We hope you found this post useful and got some ideas for your next LinkedIn messaging campaign.

What’s the connection message that worked for you? Share it on our Facebook Group and let’s share our best templates!

Should you have any questions or comments, we’re always happy to help so feel free to contact us at !

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