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October 7, 2020

September Quacks 2020

September Quacks

Dux-Soup News

Autumn is in the air and we're loving the vibrant colours! We hope all our users stay safe and well in the colder months to come.

With more and more people working from home again, LinkedIn usage continues to rise. Outreaching, connecting and engaging on LinkedIn remains an effective way for businesses, charities, recruiters (the list goes on) to source new business. 

Making this process as efficient and easy as possible is our top priority here at Dux-Soup HQ. So this month, with the release of 2 of the top requested features, we look back on another busy and motivating month for Team Dux-Soup. 

Read our full monthly review to find out more.

Dux-Soup users hit over 60K!

We are super happy to share that there are more than 60,000 Dux users out there! That’s a lotta Dux!

Thanks for being with us on this journey! 70,000 here we come!

 Definitely a cause for celebration for the Dux-Soup team! 

Refer a Friend Scheme is now live

We launched our new ‘Refer a Friend’ scheme where you get $5 dollars (Euros / £’s)  off your upcoming bill for every referral you make. It’s great to see people using the scheme and getting a nice kickback!

PLUS, your friend gets a 10% discount when they buy!

Look in your Inbox for an email from Dux with your unique referral link that you can use immediately - or find it at by inputting the email address you use for Dux.

Then follow the steps below!

It’s quackingly simple!

Important to note: At the moment, only customers who subscribed directly on our website can benefit from the scheme. It’s not available for subscriptions made on the Chrome Web Store and for license key users.

Integromat - now a true alternative to Zapier

Integromat allows you to create automated process flows across many platforms without using code.

This September, we integrated Dux-Soup Remote Control options in Integromat that will allow you to schedule LinkedIn events like visiting a profile, sending direct message or connection request straight from your CRM.

It’s worth mentioning that Dux-Soup also has a direct integration with Pipedrive that was updated this September and doesn’t require set up with Integromat or Zapier.

Note: Dux-Soup’s integration with Integromat, Zapier or Pipedrive requires Turbo.

Top-requested features now in Dux-Soup!

The new version of Dux-Soup is now live. Once you update, you'll notice that we have included a couple of features that we know will have you buzzing! 

  • You can now auto-cancel pending invites
  • And ignore profiles with not enough connections

Both of these features were high on our user request list (why not add your requests in now) - we really do listen! In addition, the update adds support for the new LinkedIn UI that is being rolled out.

Update your Dux-Soup to the latest version by restarting Chrome or by following these steps.

Worried that lead tags have been removed from Sales Navigator?

Dux can help!

You'll probably know by now that the account and lead tags have been replaced by account and lead Custom Lists in Sales Navigator.

A quick reminder that Dux-Soup has its own tagging system so you can continue tagging LinkedIn prospects and engaging with these profiles using the Dux-Soup 'Search by Tag' feature. Here's a short demonstration of how it works!

September blogs and webinars

How to achieve instant ROI on your LinkedIn Lead Generation

In this blog, Christian Duval, Founder of Littoral, shares his experience with LinkedIn Sales Navigator to target a specific audience that matches the customer brief. He explains, “We use Dux-Soup’s markers to craft a personalised message. It also takes care of sending out the connection messages. We never exceed 100 new connection messages per day and as a result, I’ve never picked up a ban or warning about our usage.”

Read the blog here. To watch Christian's webinar on this topic click here

Humanising the sales automation machine

Often in sales and marketing, where you gain by saving time with automation, you lose by forfeiting personalisation. This blog provides you with practical advice on how to achieve personalised & targeted lead generation on a mass scale.

Read the blog here

Jeroen Corthout, The CEO of SalesFlare and our guest speaker demonstrated the technologies he uses to automate his sales process in the webinar we held on the 29th of September. Watch it here. He will take you through his tried and tested lead gen methods. 

How to Code PHP to Automate LinkedIn with the Dux-Soup API

In this blog, we cover 2 aspects of the Dux-Soup API - Webhooks and the Remote Control. We’ll also show you how to code PHP to listen for visit data and how to send activities to the queue using the Remote Control. 

Watch the webinar recording here where Giles Garnett, Head of Professional Services at Dux-Soup and Gin Kuzmiskaite, Head of Customer Support, give a practical demonstration of the content in this blog.  Please note that this is an advanced topic requiring some understanding of PHP. 

Dux-Soup 💗  our customers

Your reviews help us to improve our product and customer service and work even harder to achieve the best results possible! 

Here’s a recent review from one of our happy customers - we love its honesty but most of all we love that Dux is working well for Keith!

Book a Booster Call to boost your lead generation!

We provide a 1 hour Booster Call  - a one on one session that is:

- Tailored for your business and target market
- Helps you with technical and process setup
- Ensures you can be self-sufficient at lead generation with Dux-Soup Pro

It’s a good time to really make sure you are using Dux-Soup to its maximum potential so book yours now!

Look out for our next promotion!

Our exclusive Dux-Soup T-shirts are now all gone. We’re busy working on our next giveaway for anyone that purchases a 12-month Subscription to Pro or Turbo. Watch this space!

Have any questions, suggestions or feedback? Send them over to - we are always available to help.

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Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery
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Our top 6 ways to use LinkedIn automation to grow your sales pipeline and win more clients.

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