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Humanising the sales automation machine

Lead Generation Insights
September 28, 2020
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How to achieve personalised & targeted lead generation on a mass scale

Often in sales and marketing, where you gain by saving time with automation, you lose by forfeiting personalisation.

The concept of automating the sales process introduces difficult choices.

Do you get your brand in front of more people using a general message, a type of “throw enough mud at the wall” approach to see how much sticks?

Or improve your targeting and conversion rates with more research and personalisation?

What if we said that you can have it both ways?

Would you believe that you can have good conversion rates at mass volume?

Well that’s the challenge we’ve been tasked with proving and we’re now ready to share the secrets of a foolproof plan on automating your sales process whilst retaining a human aspect.

1. Know what to automate

Some parts of the sales process lend themselves to automation, yet others don’t.

As a rule of thumb, the activities at the very top of the sales funnel are best to automate as they involve the largest numbers and take the most time.

Freeing yourself from these more menial tasks means you can spend more time closing business and reaping the rewards.

From a business perspective, it’s easy to see how this makes sense.

Moving down the funnel, you will need to decide at what point human intervention is required.

This won’t be the same point for everyone. It may involve some experimentation and testing to decide what works for your business.

Join our Webinar where we discuss the automation process and how to nail the decision on what parts of the process to automate for your business.

2. Sharpen up on your technology

To get the benefits of automation then you’re going to need to sharpen up on your technology. Once you’ve got a formula that works seamlessly to deliver the end goal without manual intervention, you’ll really see your sales funnel grow.

We’re excited to have enlisted a leading expert in sales automation, Jeroen Corthout, to share how he uses automation technologies for his business and give you inside information on his lead generation automation workflows - allowing you to steal some of his ‘secret sauce’.

The CEO of SalesFlare will demonstrate the technologies he uses to automate the following parts of his sales process:

• Email flows to website visitors using SalesFlare CRM and LeadWorks

• LinkedIn profile identification and connection using Zapier, Apify and Dux-Soup

• Generating customer reviews with Zapier, SalesFlare and any NPS tool

Register for our Webinar for your free discovery into sales automation technologies led by Jeroen.

NOTE: If you’re reading this after September 29 you can watch the recording here.

3. Don’t delay - start today

The sooner you get started with automation, the faster you’ll see your pipeline grow and drive more sales for your business.  

We’re here to help you on your journey, so join our hugely anticipated Webinar and discover the key to a healthy, balanced automation diet.

Action: Register today! (registrants will automatically receive a free recording post event) or watch the recording here

When: Live Webinar: Tuesday, September 29th, 2020 @ 4:00PM BST

Drive more leads, close more business (and spend less time doing it) the Dux way!

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