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November 6, 2020

October Quacks 2020

October Quacks

Dux-Soup News

We hope you had a spooky, fun-filled Halloween. Rest easy though, there’s nothing frightening about what Dux-Soup has been up to in October!

We know that for some of you it can be daunting to actually get going on LinkedIn lead generation. So, last month we went back to basics with our webinar program - running two Get Started webinars for Pro and Turbo users.

We hope those who attended (over 900 of you!) or watched the webinar recording were able to move forward and get their lead gen started with a bang!

With LinkedIn usage still on the rise we've also been hard at work promoting Dux-Soup at online events and into relevant communities. Don’t forget that you can be part of the action (and be rewarded for your efforts) by using your unique Refer a Friend link or signing up to the Dux Affiliate scheme.

Read on to find out what the Dux-Soup team has been up to this month.

New Releases

LinkedIn had some major updates in October and the Dux team were quick to jump on and fix any problems caused as quickly as possible, issuing three new Dux version updates.

We do update Dux-Soup regularly so watch out for the newest releases and update your Dux-Soup by restarting Chrome or by following these steps

New Features

You might have already noticed that we added a couple of new features this month that (judging by the reaction on the Facebook user group) have you buzzing! 

  • You can now auto-cancel pending invites
  • And ignore profiles with not enough connections

Yep, you can cancel pending invitations automatically after a set time by using Dux-Soup. Very cool, bearing in mind that this feature was recently removed in LinkedIn!

Simply click on the Dux-Soup icon in your browser, go to the Options, Actions tab and turn on this function. Dux-Soup will automatically check for pending connections that need to be cancelled every 60 minutes.

A couple of things to note: If you have more than one page of pending connections, Dux-Soup only removes one page of invitations every 60 minutes. Also, this feature won’t work if your Planner is set up to snooze.

Is there anything you think would enhance Dux-Soup or make it work better for you? Then make sure you add it as a feature request here and we will consider it for future Dux-Soup updates. 

Dux-Dash update

Our tech team has released an update to the Dux-Dash Funnel Stats this month. Now you can easily copy profiles from Dux-Dash to the clipboard. Plus:

  • The prospect list now has images
  • Clicking on a prospect opens the LinkedIn profile in a new tab
  • Copying the list now includes the profile ID, location and industry, in addition to first name, industry, title and URL.


Getting back into events - it’s been a while!

 We were proud to sponsor an 'ECommerce & Marketplace' Growth Hacker Talk with Spike - Growth Marketing Agency at the end of last month.  Around 30 people attended (socially distanced of course) in the venue in Amsterdam with another 200 or so dialled in.


We’re also sponsoring an upcoming lead generation workshop for 4 startups in the B2B arena.

Do let us know at if you’re thinking of running any virtual events that you’d like Dux to speak at.


New stuff on the website

You’ve probably noticed that we’ve made some updates to our website - all designed to keep you up to date with breaking Dux news and useful views.

There’s a Bloomberg style ticker at the top with all the latest news and stories.

A partner integrations page - showing what apps and tools Dux integrates with. 

And a pop-up webinar booking form - why not sign up now for our next webinar ‘Automating LinkedIn Activity from your CRM’. 

Or subscribe to the Dux blog and get alerts when we post new content.

October blogs and webinars

LinkedIn Automation Podcast: Will van der Sanden reveals all in his most open interview yet.

In this blog, Founder of Dux-Soup, Will van Der Sanden, shares his secrets to success that have enabled him to build a company from the ground up - attracting over 60,000 users in just 5 years. Find out what factors made Dux-Soup grow so fast here.

It's easy to get started with Dux-Soup Pro

Dux-Soup helps over 60,000 users around the globe to automate repetitive lead generation, sales and marketing tasks every day - and rightly deserves its place as a leading LinkedIn automation tool. 

This blog is an updated version of our perennially popular ‘Get Started’ series and provides a step by step guide on how to set up Dux-Soup Pro.

Read the blog here. Watch our recorded webinar here.

6 tips to harness the power of LinkedIn

There are over 500 million business professionals using LinkedIn - making it the single largest, up to date source of business contacts available worldwide.

It is the huge adoption of LinkedIn that makes it so exciting, whilst empowering users to connect to each other and forge relationships digitally.

Here Dux-Soup shares 6 tips to harness the power of LinkedIn and ensure that you use it effectively.

How to get started with Dux-SoupTurbo

Dux-Soup Turbo is the most comprehensive LinkedIn automation tool out there - and a solution that can seriously boost your lead gen. This blog focuses on the additional features of Dux-Soup Turbo - like automated follow-ups (drip campaign), workflow integration and the full Dux-Dash with all its statistics.

Read the blog here. Watch our recorded webinar here.

Dux-Soup 💗  our customers

Your reviews help us to improve our product and customer service and work even harder to achieve the best results possible! 

Here’s a recent review from one of our happy customers:


Book a Booster Call to boost your lead generation!

We provide a 1 hour Booster Call  - a one on one session that is:

- Tailored for your business and target market
- Helps you with technical and process setup
- Ensures you can be self-sufficient at lead generation with Dux-Soup Pro

It’s a good time to really make sure you are using Dux-Soup to its maximum potential so book yours now!

Have any questions, suggestions or feedback? Send them over to - we are always available to help.

Get started with Dux-Soup

Handle your entire sales pipeline, track your performances, and in the end, close more deals.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery

From its targeting capabilities to message open and conversion rates, discover why LinkedIn is the superior lead generation platform.

Non User Discovery
Non User Research

Our top 6 ways to use LinkedIn automation to grow your sales pipeline and win more clients.

A 4-step strategy from Dux-Soup user on how to maximize your LinkedIn campaign success.

Discover the tools and strategies used to fill an IT company's diary to the brim with sales appointments