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November 4, 2022

November Quacks

November Quacks

Dux-Soup News

According to Statista, LinkedIn took 7th place among the fastest-growing brands worldwide and it’s used by more than 58 million companies! Indisputably, it’s the No1 lead generation platform, so it’s great news that Dux-Soup is here to make your lead gen journey even easier, by allowing you to automate your outreach activities on LinkedIn earning you back valuable time for converting sales (or a spot of late-night Christmas shopping)!

This month, not only did we upgrade your favorite lead gen tool, but ….. We also launched a new website!! Whoop whoop!

Drum roll … new website alert!!

Have you seen our fabulous new look website? It’s a little surprise we’d been working on for a pre-Christmas spruce-up, and we are more than thrilled to announce that it was launched on October 25th. We hope you love it as much as we do!

If you’re keen to find out what all the quacking is about, regarding the leading LinkedIn automation tool, then why not take us up on our free trial offer. You get full use of all the features, for 14 whole days. With access to all of our 2 minute ‘easy tutorials’ to get you started, a mountain of mind-blowing blog features, webinar topics and our awesome Support Team, all at your disposal - why, oh why would you not give it a whirl!?

Head to our Dux-Soup free trial registration page to get your LinkedIn automation journey off to a flying start.

New Features

In October, we added more cool new features for your drip campaigns in Dux-Soup Turbo. Now, you can add different events to your drip campaign, like endorsing or visiting a profile:

Endorsing skills is the perfect way to show a prospect that you are interested in engaging with  a new connection!

October Insights

Webinar: How to avoid LinkedIn account restrictions

User safety was and always will be our top priority. In this webinar, we cover the latest LinkedIn safety guidelines and show you how to adapt your outreach campaigns to scale your activity, using complementary lead gen strategies to guarantee the growth of your sales pipeline.

Blog: Test Dux-Soup API with Postman

If you are interested to learn about the Dux-Soup API and how you can test it, read on and find out how to integrate your Dux-Soup lead generation activities with other workflows. In this blog, we show you an example of a POST request to Dux-Soup using Postman.

Guest article: How We Added $1M To Our Bottom Line And Reduced Churn

Will van der Sanden, Founder of Dux-Soup, speaks candidly to StarterStory about the success of Dux-Soup, LinkedIn challenges he’s had to overcome, and offers advice for other entrepreneurs who might be struggling to grow their businesses.

Blog: The LinkedIn Networking Strategy for SaaS

For expert tips on building a network and scaling your SaaS outreach with LinkedIn - this is the blog for you. Founder of Dux-Soup, Will van der Sanden, was welcomed as a guest by marketer and podcast host Benjamin Boman, on his recent show, and this blog details all that was discussed.  

To listen to the 30-minute recording instead, head over to the blog and you’ll find the link at the bottom.

Webinar: How to get started with LinkedIn automation and Dux-Soup – part 1

In this webinar, Giles Garnett, Head of Dux-Soup Professional Services, demonstrates the benefits of automating your LinkedIn outreach activity so you can spend less time on lead generation and more time closing deals. If you’re looking to nurture prospects, grow existing customer revenue, or win new customers, discover what you need to get started by watching this interactive webinar recording.

Dux-Soup 💗 your reviews

If you get a spare minute, we would appreciate your feedback in the Chrome Webstore, as it really helps new users to get an honest, and real appraisal of Dux-Soup - so thank you

Our Customer Support team especially love to see and hear about your experiences - here’s the most recent feedback we’ve received. We LOVE having happy customers 😃

Until next month ... happy Duxing!

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