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June 3, 2022

June Quacks

Dux-Soup News

The weather is getting nicer and the sun is showing itself more and more often, which is a sure sign that it’s time to get outside, enjoy the sunshine and leave your lead generation to everyone’s favorite LinkedIn Automation tool - Dux-Soup.

Dux-Soup is the perfect tool for sales professionals who want to build their network and generate leads through LinkedIn. Check out our June Quacks for information about the latest features and tips for making your lead generation super-efficient!

So let’s get quacking ..

New features

In May, we added the option to expand all profile sections, to get sight of a prospect's skills, positions held, and schools attended.

You can update your Dux-Soup to the latest version, 8.1.2, and enjoy the new features by following these simple steps.

Integration with Ensable

Our new integration partner Ensable, combines the most comprehensive intent data platform in the world with LinkedIn. The integration with Dux-Soup allows users to track and monitor 60+ changes or events within your targeted organizations, so your sales and marketing teams can achieve greater success with less effort. Head on over to our Integrations page to find out more.

Did you know…

Dux-Soup Turbo drip campaigns support LinkedIn Recruiter meaning you can schedule up to 12 messages, including a connection request.

Learn more about how you can create a drip campaign by watching one of our Dux Soup Easy Tutorials 'Creating Drip Campaigns' - at just over 1 minute long, you’ll be clued up in no time.

May insights

Webinar: How to Get Started with Dux-Soup

New to LinkedIn automation or need a Dux-Soup refresher? In this webinar, we'll help you get started with LinkedIn automation so that your time is as efficient and effective for business growth as possible.

Webinar: THE LinkedIn nurture sequence that achieves an 85% response rate

In this webinar, Tyron Giuliani, founder of Selling Made Social, shows you how to create message openers on LinkedIn that achieve up to 85% response rates. Watch the recording to discover Tyron Giuliani's winning 1/10/4 Nurture strategy.

Blog: How to get emails from LinkedIn

Building a list of email subscribers with LinkedIn can be difficult. But it doesn't have to leave you feeling like a marketing failure! With Dux-Soup, you can get tons of LinkedIn prospects added toyour mailing list or send out direct emails using Zapier - all without having to spend hours setting everything up yourself manually. Find out how you can get emails from LinkedIn in this blog.

Webinar: Recruiters - halve your candidate prospecting time on LinkedIn

Dux-Soup is actively used by recruiters looking for ways to make better use of their limited resources. The time you spend reaching out to candidates on LinkedIn can be reduced significantly with the help of Dux-Soup.

Find out how to save over 50% of your time by watching our most recent webinar recording.

Blog: ​​How to increase sales online

In our March webinar series, Gaurav Sharma, Founder of digital agency Attrock, shared his 6 winning strategies to generating sales and increasing qualified leads. This blog covers Gaurav's approach to success and shares his recommended marketing tools to help your progression with each journey, such as Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Power of Reviews, LinkedIn Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, and Paid Advertising. The journey starts here!

Dux-Soup 💗 your reviews

We'd highly appreciate a quick review of Dux-Soup on G2 as it helps others get an honest appraisal of what Dux-Soup has to offer from a user perspective. Just click this link to leave your review on G2. Here are the most recent reviews from our happy customers:

Also, another review in Capterra this month - Thanks a million!

Until next time, happy Dux-ing!

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