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January 16, 2019

Integration and orchestration in the lead generation process

It’s time to focus on integration and orchestration in the lead generation process

Growth hacking is now a mainstream activity. Go to most marketing or lead generation agencies and they will have someone dedicated (with a zen-like focus on metrics and measurement) to adding growth hacks, like Dux-Soup, to the marketing mix being offered to clients.

Marketing groups in larger corporations where all activity is executed ‘in house’, are now recruiting the right people and adding growth hacks in order to accelerate market penetration and get quicker results.

But, when you scale up anything that independent growth hackers put together and offer to the market, integration becomes an issue as it hits this mainstream. What has lagged behind is the infrastructure to integrate these hacks. As a result, the complexity of lead generation operations can quickly become overwhelming, leading to a high risk of error and significant time constraints.

The narrative is now firmly focused on how this complexity can be reduced – and in what way cutting edge hacks can be incorporated seamlessly into the lead generation process, without cumbersome .CSV files being uploaded from one system and downloaded into another.

When Dux-Soup polled their extensive user base of 40,000+ last year, focusing on those with more complex lead generation operations, the #1 item by far on the ‘Wishlist’ was for Dux-Soup to integrate with Zapier to streamline the lead generation process.

Fast forward six months and we see the launch of the new Dux-Soup Turbo Edition which is the first LinkedIn automation tool to use the Zapier automation and workflow engine. With this Zapier integration, users can now connect Dux-Soup to their existing CRM, marketing or recruitment platform, enabling the automated workflows that underpin cutting edge online marketing campaign management.

LinkedIn profile visits and actions can be sent to and triggered from Zapier and existing CRM systems and LinkedIn prospect data is automatically exported to give a faster, more accurate and scalable lead generation process that can lead to rapid sales and pipeline growth. Smarter, streamlined online lead generation indeed.

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