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November 2, 2018

Dux-Soup runs too slow

If you use Dux-Soup on a daily basis, one day you may notice that it runs slower than it used to and if you were visiting 100 profiles in a few hours, now it takes twice as that. What happened?

There are several reasons for this issue but nothing that could not be fixed! We are here to help and hopefully by the end of this article, Dux-Soup will be running quickly and smoothly again. Try these steps below and it should fix the issue:

Clear cache and clean your computer

You should clear your browser cache regularly if you want it to run smoother. If you are browsing the Internet everyday, your cache gets clogged up quickly with your visit history and website files that take up memory space on your computer. As a result, some apps or programmes are slowed down and if Dux-Soup suddenly started to run slower than usual, it is time to clear the cache. Click on three dots on the right side your Chrome browser, choose More Tools and then click on “Clear browsing data”:

Then, select all three options (cookies, history, cached images and files) and click on “Clear Data”:

Disable Chrome flags

Chrome flags can improve your browsing experience as well as Dux-Soup’s performance.

If Dux-Soup is running too slow or keeps stopping, we recommend disabling some flags.

First, open a new Chrome tab and paste chrome://flags

In the search field, type in the following flags:

1) Throttle expensive background timers

2) Stop non timer task queues background

3) Enable resource load throttling

To disable them, click on the button next to it and choose “Disabled”. Then reboot your Chrome browser to make sure it catches the updates and try using Dux-Soup again.

Disable other extensions

There are some extensions that interfere with Dux-Soup and to make sure the robot runs smoothly, it is better to disable them. Some example of such extensions are Hubspot CRM, AgileCRM, LinkedHelper, etc. so if you are using any of these extensions, Dux-Soup will not work as quickly as it should or will not run at all.

Follow these steps to disable other extensions on Chrome:

  1. Open a new Chrome tab and paste chrome://extensions, or click on the three buttons in the top-right corner of the window. Choose More Tools > Extensions

2. Disable the extensions by clicking on the switch as shown below:

Make sure you disable all other Chrome extensions except for Dux-Soup. You can re-enable these extensions after you’ve completed the job with Dux-Soup.

Change robot speed

If you’ve exhausted all the options suggested and the problem still persists, what you can do is play with the robot speed. As simple as it sounds, changing the robot speed might do the trick and you can change these settings by going to Dux-Soup Options > Throttling tab

Here, you need to change the speed for profile visiting so go ahead and set it to “Fast: over 500 per hour” as shown in the example.

Now try visiting profiles again and the speed should noticeably improve.

In case the problem still persists, we are very sorry and in this case, a remote support call will be the quickest solution. You can book a call with our support team here: and select the best time and date for you.

Otherwise, for any questions, feedback or support you can always find us on live chat or simply email us at and we’d be happy to help!

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