September 19, 2019

Dux-Soup Named a Leading Digital Marketing Software in Ignite 100 list

San Diego-based digital marketing agency Ignite Visibility recently unveiled its first annual Ignite 100 list, highlighting the top digital marketing software on the market.

And we’re happy to say that Dux-Soup made the cut. Not just any old cut – we’re in the Top 50 of the list which (given the awesome names in there) we are super proud of.

Ignite Visibility is a top marketing agency and 3x Inc 5000 Company. Each year, the company researches, tests, and identifies the top software to offer to its clients. This year, they opened the search up to the public.

The company called on the public to submit their favourite software for consideration. Voting was open to the public over a two-month period, and winners were ultimately determined based on the number of votes received and expert input from a team of marketing specialists.

The resulting list is designed to help businesses of all sizes and within all industries find the software that best fits their needs and represents the very best the digital marketing world has to offer, from SEO and paid media to social media, email marketing automation, analytics, funnels and more.

Dux-Soup certainly fits the bill.

The judges were impressed with recent developments in the Dux-Soup Turbo product around out of the box automated follow up functionality – in particular user-friendly new features such as:

• Sending automatic follow ups in LinkedIn after a connection has been added - without using Zapier

• Supporting a LinkedIn ‘drip’ campaign of up to 5 messages with delays of up to 31 days.

• Automatically halting a campaign upon reply from the prospect

• Easy listing of profiles that have replied, so you can manually follow up

Also important was the emphasis on safety and keeping Dux-Soup user profiles within safe LinkedIn limits. Our primary concern has always been to ensure that you can use Dux-Soup safely. Our tech team has been working super hard to make the tool extra secure - so you can prospect without fear of getting your LinkedIn account suspended.

As a LinkedIn automation tool dedicated to improving and enhancing the user experience through innovative product innovation, we couldn’t be happier to be recognized in the inaugural Ignite 100.

Here’s to moving further up the ranks next year!

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