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February 16, 2022

Dux-Soup Launch New Free Trial

Whether you’re new to LinkedIn automation, or fancy testing out a different LinkedIn automation tool, then you may be pleased to hear that you can now get your hands on a 14-day free Dux-Soup trial.

Even better, it comes without any commitment, so you don’t even need to enter your credit card details. It’s a trial without strings attached, allowing users to “see for yourself” whether Dux-Soup’s LinkedIn lead generation tool can work for you.

Dux-Soup launched their upgraded trial in January 2022, which automatically gives anyone installing the free Chrome extension the ability to test out the full range of Dux-Soup features (normally included with the Turbo plan) for 14 days.

Previously, it was only users that signed up for the Turbo plan who could unlock a free trial lasting for 7 days and requiring you to input credit card details, with the option to cancel after your trial finished.

The new longer trial period, without credit card details, that comes complete with an email tutorial series, means that users can get more of a handle on using the tool before committing to buy.

The thought process is user-led - as is so traditional with Dux-Soup. By exploring which features fit the bill for your lead generation machine, it means at the end of the trial period, you can be 100% confident, that you’re choosing the right plan for you. And here at Dux-Soup, we know this means that you’ll be a super-happy Dux-er, safe in the knowledge that you’ve made the right choice!

Accessing the trial

Anyone who has not used Dux-Soup in the past can try it for free. Go to to see the full details. From there, it’s simply a case of installing Dux-Soup from the Chrome webstore to automatically receive the full trial features.

The tutorial program takes you through some of the best-loved features of Dux-Soup, from how to create automated LinkedIn drip campaigns, to identifying your target lists, analyzing campaign success, and integrating Dux-Soup with your CRM to get leads directly into your central pipeline platform.

Supported by bi-weekly webinars and a highly responsive support team, Dux-Soup empowers users to learn quickly and achieve fast results.

What are the post-trial options?

Following the trial, you have some options:

1.     Do nothing, in which event you’ll automatically revert to the Starter edition of Dux-Soup. This free forever plan allows you to scan and view profiles, manually tag up to 100 profiles per day and search by tags to identify lists for manual outreach.

2.     Upgrade your plan to the Professional plan. With Dux-Soup Pro you can automate the sending of connection requests, automatically tag unlimited profiles whilst visiting them, automatically send follow-up messages to connections, send InMails, and export your data. Plus, it works with Recruiter.

3.     Confirm your Turbo plan. If you’re after automated drip campaigns, Funnel Flow lead management and integration capabilities with third party systems, then you’ll need Turbo. With Turbo you can enroll prospects into LinkedIn campaigns directly from your CRM system, centralizing your pipeline and improving business results.

It can be hard to decide on the right lead generation tool for your business without seeing it in action and testing it as an integral part of your lead generation machine. Ultimately any tool should make your life easier, save you time and allow you to scale your results.

For Dux-Soup, these benefits form the raison d’etre for the tool and the game-changing results for its 70,000+ user base.

So why not give it a go for yourself?

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