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Dux-Soup June Quacks

Dux-Soup News
June 29, 2018
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There is no better time to start using Dux-Soup than during the current Football World Cup. While you are watching the football, the Dux will be generating leads. And before you start, yes, there is a distinct lack of orange this year — the Dutch Dux didn’t quite make, but there is still plenty of fun to be had.

Upcoming features

There were no major features released this month, the new login system isn’t quite ready for showtime just yet. Something to look forward to in July! The key updates were about keeping inline with the releases LinkedIn did throughout the month. Due to the nature of the browser based automations, and since Dux-Soup supports all versions of LinkedIn, this took up a bit more of our time this month. A big ‘Thank You’ to all users who reported the changes and helped us updating Dux-Soup as quickly as possible.

Join our private Facebook Group!

You heard it right — we are excited to introduce a newly created facebook group to all of you Dux-Soup’ers. You are welcome to join Dux-Soup User Group where we will be sharing our best tips and holding competitions, and we’d love to get your feedback and comments on our new site (yep, it’s in progress!) This is your chance to be the first to know about the latest Dux-Soup updates so join our Dux-Soup tribe now.

InMail me!

Last month we were excited to introduce InMail feature on Dux-Soup. This month we are sharing the best tips on how to send it. If you are a recruiter, it’s your time to ⭐ as Dux-Soup will personalize and automate your InMails so you don’t have to manually send hundreds of messages to potential candidates. If you haven’t already, read the full article on how to get most out of InMail feature with Dux-Soup.

LinkedIn Search Limits and how to work around them

Have you ever tried to view a page 101 on a LinkedIn search? Give it a try now and you will see that LinkedIn won’t show any results past the page 100. Why so? LinkedIn put some restrictions on searches and page views but, luckily, we have some techniques which can help you view and visit those profiles that would be your perfect target market. Read our tips and tricks in the latest blog post about LinkedIn Search Limits.

How to upload your list to Dux-Soup to connect

In our latest blog post, you will learn how to master ‘Revisit Data’ feature and upload a list of contacts to Dux-Soup. If you have a bunch of leads you want to connect and message, we shared a comprehensive step by step guide walking you through the process of preparing your document for revisiting and setting up the connection message. Make sure you have your Dux-Soup Pro ready and let’s get started!

Dux-Soup is not recording profiles!

One day you started Dux-Soup as per usual and notice that it does not capture any profiles…Can you relate? No worries, it does not mean that Dux-Soup is broken. This problem is easy to fix when you have possible solution at hand — read our blog post on how to fix the issue with profile recording on Dux-Soup. We hope it helped!

Dux-Soup ❤ our customers

We try to assist you in every step of your problem to make sure you receive the best customer experience ever. We want to thank our loyal and supportive customers for recognising our efforts and all of your positive comments, to share a few:

We always love to hear from you so if you need help or have some questions about Dux-Soup, feel free to reach out to us at, we are also available on live chat.

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