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January 31, 2019

Dux-Soup January Quacks

What an amazing and productive start of the year it has been! Let’s see what this month has brought us!

Turbo has finally arrived

Many people have already tried it and took their lead generation to the next level by integrating LinkedIn with Zapier, Hubspot and many other apps! If you haven’t tried it yet, you still have the chance to get a 7-day trial of Turbo! 

                                                                                    Try it now!

Using markers to personalise your connection requests

Generic LinkedIn connection requests are so last year. Everyone likes getting attention with a personalised message. There is a higher chance for your invite to be accepted when it’s personalised, don’t you think? This is why we’ve created a blog with some examples of personalised messages. Take some inspiration and read our blog post here!

Dux-Soup + Zapier = A Match Made in Heaven!

With Dux-Soup Turbo, you can easily manage your LinkedIn using Zapier integration! Learn how to make a Zap and use Webhooks feature to link Dux-Soup with over 1000 other applications. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Get started & follow our step by step guide here.

How to use Webhooks in Dux-Soup?

You’ve probably already heard about Webhooks quite a few times. But what does it do and how can it be used with Dux-Soup? It might look tricky in the beginning but we are here to support you and provide you with some useful guides. We’ve created a step by step visual guide on how to set up Webhooks with Dux-Soup! Once it’s all set up, you’re free to start interacting with other applications like Google Sheets, HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Slack and the list goes on and on.

Have your say!

Every Dux-Soup user has a huge impact on the way our product looks and works, and we are always happy to receive your feedback, comments and feature suggestions. As there are so many of them, we decided that it’s time to gather them all into one place - that’s why we’ve created Dux-Soup Suggestion Box!

Now you can easily add your product idea and get it upvoted. The more upvotes you get, the bigger chance there is for your suggestion to be implemented with the next update. Click below to add your feature suggestion.

How to optimise your LinkedIn account

Sometimes we are so focused on lead generation and networking that we actually forget about one of the most important sales tools - our LinkedIn profiles! You should take some time to review and analyze your LinkedIn profile - does it look professional and attractive to your potential leads? Is it clear who you are and what you are offering? Well, feel free to follow our suggestions on how to optimise your LinkedIn profile and get those business calls scheduled!   


The Promo is still on!

ATTENTION all Dux-Soup Users - upgrade to the Professional or Turbo Edition and get a limited edition reusable Dopper water bottle!

We’re continuing our promotion and offering a FREE* Limited-Edition reusable Dopper Water Bottle if you purchase a yearly subscription of either Professional or Turbo.

Look at the comparison table here to see how Free, Professional and Turbo editions differ

We encourage you to upgrade today. You’ll quickly see results. Check out this case study for proof!

*Free Dux-Soup Dopper Water Bottle is available to the first 50 people per month that purchase a yearly subscription for Dux-Soup Professional Edition. Email to claim your bottle. Only one entry per person. Terms & Conditions apply.

Dux-Soup ❤ our customers

Thank you all for being so active and supportive, your feedback means a lot to us!

We really appreciate each and every one of you. This month a special shout out goes to Brett!

Have any questions, suggestions or feedback? Send it over to, we are always available to help!

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