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Dux-Soup for bigger teams and the License Manager

Dux-Soup Product Tips
March 1, 2019
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Do you have a big team that is using Dux-Soup? Or maybe you’re planning on using the extension but the thought of not being in control of all subscriptions scares you? Don’t worry, Dux-Soup has a solution! This blog post will cover everything you need to know about managing your team’s Dux-Soup accounts.

Here comes the License Admin package!

The License Admin package will allow you to administrate all members/seats: add and remove users - e.g. if one of your employees leaves, you can always re-assign the key to another team member. Also, if your team expands, you are able to add an additional seat to your existing license! There can only be one license admin and we can assign this role to anyone within your team.


There are two types of License Admin packages:

  1. Pro version. It gives you all Professional version functions.
  2. Turbo version. You have access to all Turbo functions.

Both of these are available only if you purchase a 12-month bundle and the price for 1 seat is $135 (Pro) and $435 (Turbo)

How to get it

If it’s something you’re interested in, drop us an email at with the following information:

1. How many seats you’d like to have under your license key.

2. Please provide:

a) Your Full Name

b) Company Name

c) Company Address

d) VAT (only for EU countries)

Once our support team get this information, the billing team will issue you an invoice to pay. And that’s it! You’ll receive your unique license key with instructions how to activate it!

Get a bonus!

Have a team with more than 10 employees? Well, we have a special deal for you - if you purchase 10 or more license seats with your License Admin package,  all seats gets 1 additional month free of charge! Need 20 or more seats? That’s an additional 2 months free of charge!

License Admin VS multiple separate Dux-Soup subscriptions

Having multiple Dux-Soup subscriptions makes it more difficult to manage - simply because they are separate subscriptions. With a License Admin package you can avoid this hassle and stay in control! For instance, if you lose a member you can easily and quickly assign the seat to someone else. And there's only one bill to cover all accounts in your package. Moreover, you won’t need to share your credit card details and/or submit expense forms.

If you are interested in getting The License Admin package, contact our support team at  and they will guide you and answer all your questions!

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