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June 14, 2021

Dux-Soup flies high with brand relaunch

Dux-Soup flies high with brand relaunch

Hey! You know that Dux-Soup can seriously accelerate your lead generation don’t you?

Whether you’re a solopreneur, entrepreneur, corporate marketing or sales team, digital agency,
recruiter – the list goes on…

Of course you do! And so do the 70,000+ people that use this nifty LinkedIn lead gen tool.

The exciting news today is that we’ve launched a brand-new look for Dux-Soup that properly reflects

We’re sure you’ve seen it on our social pages and elsewhere (well - you’re on our new website so
you must have!)

What’s new?

There’s no more duck’s head with a smart bow tie – we’ll miss that cute little guy, but he was so two
thousand and noughties.

Our new Dux is now flying – to show how your lead gen can truly take off when you use Dux-Soup.
As the most trusted and proven LinkedIn automation provider, we absolutely stand by that.

More than a logo change

Our mission is to provide our users with the best LinkedIn lead generation tool in the world.

What makes us able to say this? To start with, we’ve had more than 70,000 downloads. Add in our
long history in the market, our reputation as a flexible and powerful LinkedIn tool and an
outstanding customer service team. It’s an unbeatable combination.

What it means for you is that you can be confident that you are working with the best LinkedIn lead
generation platform developed and backed up by real, visible people that are here to help you to get
up and running quickly and get the best out of the automation tool.

Here’s some more background to this exciting change.

Why did we rebrand?

In late 2020, we started thinking about how we should be communicating with our customers and

We wanted a more modern, vibrant, and up to date brand. Today, we take the first steps
in rolling out this new identity.

Our website has been fully refreshed with a clean new design that makes it easier for existing users
and prospects to find the right Dux solution.

But it’s more than a design makeover. We believe it is a truer representation of who we are as a

We wanted a fresh new look that gets across our purpose: we are obsessed with finding new ways
to help accelerate your lead generation. That’s why we have an enviable track record of innovative
new features such as multiple drip campaigns, lead funnel management, campaign tracking and

Lead generation can still be a labor intensive and time-consuming activity. With social selling and
growth hacking becoming mainstream (as cold calling and mass emailing are given the cold shoulder)
plus the trend towards more home working – it all means that Dux-Soup has never been more

A new message

Lead generation is at the core of what we enable for our users. LinkedIn is an amazing platform for
creating connections, building relationships and ultimately selling. Many people therefore use or
want to use LinkedIn for generating leads and filling the sales funnel.

We help to make that happen. Faster. More efficiently. With precision targeting and control.

Freeing up time for you to focus on the really critical aspects of your lead generation - targeting and
closing the deal.

That’s why our message is all about accelerated lead generation and it’s what sets us apart from
other LinkedIn tools.

We allow you to safely automate your LinkedIn lead generation activities, from anywhere on the
planet, with full control running from your desktop.

What does the new brand say about us?

We hope you agree the new logo is modern, fresh, and dynamic.

This new Dux is really going places and fast, just like the businesses who use Dux-Soup.

No more boring blues, dull greys and stuffy reds that dominate in the tech space. Our logo takes
inspiration from the likes of Google with its clear, simple visual brand that is continually refreshed to
ensure it keeps pace with the market.

Gold, green and blue make up a confident and creative color palette that is both reassuring and

We’d love to hear what you think. If you’re a loyal Dux-Soup fan that has been with us for years or a
more recent convert to the Dux, leave a comment below or send us feedback via email.

We’ll pick one random comment and send you some new branded Dux swag when it’s ready!

And, as always, Happy Dux-ing!

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