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January 3, 2020

Dux-Soup December Quacks

Happy New Year Duxers from all of us at Dux-Soup! We wish each of you a very happy and productive 2020! We hope you have enjoyed the holidays and are full of energy to start the year. 

While everyone was busy preparing for the holiday period, we kept ourselves occupied too!  We launched four new Dux-Soup releases in December (the latest is 7.2.6 for those that keep tabs on version numbers) - all versions that improved Dux-Soup Pro and Turbo performance.

You can update Dux-Soup to the newest version by restarting Chrome or by following these steps.

Freerange Dux-Soup

A Freerange version of Dux-Soup has been launched and it is identical to the version published in the Web Store but has the benefit of receiving all updates as soon as we release them. For more information, please click here

What a year it’s been!

This year has been very productive for Dux-Soup! At the beginning of the year we launched Dux-Soup Turbo and the year flew by from there! Read our blog about 2019 highlights here

December Blogs

Why following up must be your #1 priority

When was the last time you sent out a prospecting email and someone requested the contract as soon as they got that email? Or you handed over your credit card the minute someone walked up to you in a shop? It takes time and persuasion to get people to decide to buy a product or service. Access the full blog here

Building a Simple Tracking Dashboard

Sometimes lead tracking tends to be overwhelming and that is why building a simple tracking dashboard might be the right solution for you! If that sounds like a good idea - continue to read here

LinkedIn Growth Hacks - Part 3: The Future

In this blog, we have talked about three things that could be the next big wave of growth on the LinkedIn platform: LinkedIn Events, Educational Content like Instagram and LinkedIn Newsletters. Read more!


How to build a simple lead tracking dashboard

We had a very practical webinar on how to build a simple lead tracking dashboard in December. In this webinar, Will van der Sanden, Dux-Soup Founder showed us how to build a simple lead tracking dashboard with Dux-Soup Turbo. Just to let you know, you can access the previous webinar recordings here.

Triggering different Webhooks for testing

In this webinar Will van der Sanden, Founder of Dux-Soup and Giles Garnett, Head of Professional Services, will demonstrate how you can trigger different action and message webhooks and how to use the visit webhooks to create and update event. Access this webinar here.

Combining automated and manual outreach in LinkedIn

Join our upcoming free webinar to learn about the peculiarities of combining automated and manual outreach in LinkedIn.

For the most effective LinkedIn lead generation, you need to be able to automate outreach processes but also respond manually when needed. In this webinar, we will show you how to combine these effortlessly with Dux-Soup for maximum effectiveness. Plus, as always, loads of time for Q&A.

Relaunch of Dux-Soup affiliate program 

Look out for an all new Dux-Soup Affiliate Program being launched in February. Changes include both monthly subscriptions and Turbo now being included in the program.


More to come during January about what it is and how you can sign up!

The Promo is still on!

MAKE A SPLASH with a free Limited Edition Dux T-shirt. If you've recently purchased a 12-month subscription to Dux-Soup we'll send you a T-shirt right out! Claim your T-shirt by emailing and include your mailing address.

Here's Dux-Soup Turbo user Zeb Pirkey and Head of Marketing at Dux, Adam Osman modelling the design!

Have any questions, suggestions or feedback? Send it over to, we are always available to help!

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