November 16, 2018

Dux-Soup celebrates a quacking milestone + competition!

What do the world’s oldest cave paintings and a Duck have in common?

This month, National Geographic reported that archaeologists found the world’s oldest cave paintings, believed to be 40,000 year’s old, in Indonesia.

So, what does that have to do with our Dux?

Well, I am proud to say that Dux-Soup hit its own major milestone this week when we reached 40,000 downloads of our incredible LinkedIn automation tool.

With an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5, Dux-Soup is the renowned and best LinkedIn automation tool with a rocking (or should that be Quacking) reputation for superior customer support.

That’s why thousands of people are turning to Dux-Soup every month.

Dux-Soup works too well

Our latest Chrome store review says it all — the product works too well with one user reporting a staggering 78% response rate!

“Worked probably too well with 36/46 people responding to my message on my initial test! And a testament to making sure you are targeting the right people!” — Kenneth Lekashman, 29th October 2018

Since the launch of Dux-Soup 3 years ago, I have been humbled by the stellar growth of our LinkedIn automation tool. I would like to take a moment to thank the talented team that supports, develops and generally works really hard in the background to make sure that we are delivering the best possible automation platform.

Competition time!

Competition #1: Tell us what your favourite feature is in Dux-Soup and we’ll pick a random winner out of all responses to get a fab Dopper water bottle.

Competition #2: The next major milestone is 50,000 downloads. To win another Dopper water bottle and 5,000 Dux Credits, simply predict the date that we will achieve 50,000 downloads. Closest guess wins. If you get it spot on, we’ll double the Dux credits to 10,000!

Need a clue? We hit 30,000 downloads around 8 months ago.

Send all competition entries to

Good luck!


Download the file here
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