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August 31, 2018

Dux-Soup August Quacks


The summer holidays have come to an end and it’s time to set new plans and goals for the future. To kick-start the new month, we’ve packed this newsletter with useful articles and Dux-Soup updates to make you even more productive, so read on!

New and Upcoming Features

During the holidays we have had regular updates of Dux-Soup to keep in line with LinkedIn updates, all the way to v5.12.25, so check your Dux and make sure you’re running the latest & greatest version of it.

This weekend you should see the release of v5.13.1, if we get the all clear from our QA Master. This version will include the ability to login to Dux-Soup using a different Google account from the profile in Chrome. This means no more “No Google ID” errors or annoying Google Login popups when using Dux-Soup. More importantly though, this change prepares the ground for upcoming much demanded features like the Prospect Dashboard and Data Integration to name just a few!

Fixing stalling visits with the latest Chrome

We had some issues with the Chrome browser and you may have noticed that Dux-Soup is not working properly in the background and is often stopping. Our wonderful tech team have found a solution to this — disabling the flags in your browser. All you need to do is open a new tab and navigate to chrome://flags/ In the search field, please copy and paste these flags:

  1. expensive-background-timer-throttling
  2. enable-resource-load-scheduler
  3. Stop-in-background

Click on the dropdown on the right hand side and choose “Disabled” as shown below. This way Dux-Soup will be running in the background without Chrome trying to freeze it.

Meaning of Dux-Soup colours

Can you tell what green or red Dux-Soup icons mean? These colours were added for a reason so you can better understand if the extension is working, sleeping or if it stopped. This article sheds some light on the meanings of Dux-Soup colours. Make sure to save this guide and the next time you see Dux-Soup turning blue or purple, you’ll know what it means!

Got a LinkedIn warning? We are here to help!

If you get a LinkedIn warning for a suspicious activity — don’t worry! It doesn’t mean that you have been put to “LinkedIn jail”, it just means that you need to reconsider your lead gen strategy before it’s too late. It’s highly recommended to take a break for a few days and let Dux-Soup rest. Also, make sure you minimize your daily limits for profile visits and invites being sent. Read our latest article here to learn how to protect your account for any further warnings and ensure it’s all safe and sound.

Dux-Soup is randomly skipping profiles or stopping

You were running Dux-Soup visiting everyday as per normal and all of a sudden you see that it’s stopping or skipping random profiles. Why??? Don’t worry, it’s an easy fix and with a couple of troubleshooting steps you can easily resolve this issue. Read our latest blog post here and make sure your next profile visiting session runs smoothly.

Pro Upgrade is not working

You’ve tested the trial version of Dux-Soup, you decided that it’s about time to upgrade to Pro. Dux-Soup Professional Edition opens up a new world of LinkedIn lead gen. Using the Pro account you can automate profile visiting, messages, connection requests, download information about profiles & much more!

If you have recently paid for the Pro account or purchased the bundle and cannot access all the Pro features, you may need to follow these steps to make sure your account is set up right.

We ❤ our customers

We had an amazing month full of positive feedback from our lovely customers. We want to say a huge THANK YOU to Nancy and Ryan who took time to leave a feedback for us, you are the best!

Oh, and did we mention that our Facebook Group members absolutely amazing and incredibly helpful? Come and join our community, share your experiences, get some advice and learn how to become a real Dux-Soup Pro!

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