August 5, 2022

August Quacks

It’s been a busy month at Dux-Soup headquarters and we have lots of lead generation news that we are excited to share, from new features to blogs and webinars that can transform your sales and marketing strategy and get your outreach off to a flying start.

Dux-Soup is a great tool for finding new sales leads on LinkedIn and expanding your business. With Dux-Soup’s help, you can approach decision-makers at companies who are interested in what you have to offer - so read on if you have missed some of the biggest Dux-Soup stories from July, and send your lead gen soaring!

New features

Dux-Dash upgrade

We are always working hard to improve your user experience and make it easier for you. This July, we've added a few minor upgrades that will help boost productivity by enabling users to copy their lead gen progress from Dux-Dash into any other application such as Google Sheets! You can also find profiles based on the person’s name now.

New Tag Tool

The Dux-Soup Tag Tool is a game changer for Turbo users. With this update, you can now edit tags on your profile and batch remove them with ease! The best part? You can even remove tags in batch and export lists to use for your outreach campaigns – all of which makes the process much quicker and simpler.


Our Affiliate Program, Dabble is unique and it’s a great way for you as a user. As an affiliate you'll earn 50% of the first month's, and 20% of subsequent recurring payments when someone buys Dux-Soup using your affiliate link. Following a request by one of our awesome Dabble affiliates, we've just released a brand-new Dux-Soup affiliate badge - in a choice of 3 colours. If you’re an affiliate, embed your unique affiliate link and add this badge across your content to highlight that you're an authorized Dux-Soup affiliate. Instantly send prospects directly to Dux-Soup's website when they click on your badge.

If you’re an existing ‘Dabbler’ all 3 badges are accessible under the 'assets' section of your account. If you’re not and you’d like to become one, sign up to be a Dux-Soup Affiliate today and we’ll get you Dabbling!

July Insights

Blog: LinkedIn features; Dux-Soup functions: Will van der Sanden on LinkedIn automation’s hottest topics

In this blog, Will van der Sanden, founder of Dux-Soup unveils his latest features, and talks through the value they will provide for your business or lead gen teams.  

If you want to hear from the master himself, then head over to our channel, to watch the recording in full - LinkedIn features; Dux-Soup functions: Will van der Sanden on LinkedIn automation’s hottest topics.  

If you couldn’t make the session or would rather read through the best bits, then this blog is for you!

Webinar: Dux-Soup & Make: Automating LinkedIn lead gen workflows

In this webinar, Giles Garnett, Head of Professional Services at Dux-Soup will help you to discover the benefits of Make, a leading workflow automation tool used by companies such as Meta, Spotify and Adidas to free up resources and scale processes.

This video demonstrated how Dux-Soup combined with Make could accelerate your LinkedIn lead generation pipeline.

Webinar: The EASY way to TRIPLE your LinkedIn leads

What if there was a way to triple your outreach results on LinkedIn? With these simple lead generation strategies, you'll be finding the right prospects and scaling up outreach efforts in no time. Watch the webinar recording to learn more.

Blog: Using a VPS to manage multiple LinkedIn accounts

Wondering how to run Dux-Soup in the cloud? If so, this blog has been written just for you! Running an extension on a virtual desktop can be an efficient way of using resources and preventing conflicts. Read our step by step guide to installing Dux-Soup onto Azure Virtual Machines and reap the benefits of 24/7 availability without any downtime or hassle whatsoever.

Dux-Soup 💗 your reviews

We appreciate any feedback in Chrome Webstore, as it will help new users to get a decent appraisal of Dux-Soup. Thanks a million!

We are always excited to read your feedback on the customer support desk. We are so lucky that so many of our users leave us five-star ratings or tell us how much they love our company because of a great experience that was had with one of our team members!

We look forward to reading more reviews from you soon so keep them coming!!

Until next time, happy Dux-ing!

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