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A Dux is for Life!

Dux-Soup News
December 5, 2018
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It’s that time of year when we are all reminded about the perils of getting a pet for Christmas. No-one will ever forget the well-known advertising slogan broadcasting that a dog is for life…

Well, here at Dux-Soup we like to go against the grain (others might call it a growth hacking mentality) and have just gone and given away one of our Dux for an entire lifetime! And right before the festive season too — how very irresponsible…

Massive congratulations to Alin Vlad Badilita on winning a Dux-Soup Pro Lifetime Account as part of our recent competition on

With this prize Alin gets to use Dux-Soup, the ultimate LinkedIn Growth Hack, forever! He’s also got a ticket to the Growth Marketing Conference in San Francisco (11–12 December) as part of an overall growth marketing SAAS bundle worth over $70,000!

If you’re using the Free Edition of Dux-Soup a quick plug for the Pro Edition that Alin will soon be enjoying. For those of you who are serious about using LinkedIn as a key part of your lead generation and prospecting the Pro edition unlocks features for profile visiting, automatic messaging, data downloading and more. Look at the comparison table here to see how Free and Professional Dux-Soup editions differ.

Well done again to Alin and Happy Dux-ing!

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