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December 7, 2018

5 reasons you need Dux-Soup for lead generation

1. Automated profile visits and messages

We believe that you have more important tasks to do than manually visiting and connecting with every potential lead in your target market. Luckily, Dux-Soup can automate this process in a few easy steps.

What you need to do is set up a search on your LinkedIn and select your preferred filters. Then, set up the messaging in Dux-Soup.

To make your connection request more personalised, we included a variety of markers you can choose from. Instead of using a generic “Hello”, use “Hi _FN_” where the marker _FN_ will be replaced by contact’s first name. You can go even further and use markers like _CN_ (for company name) or _TI_ (for job title).

Lastly, to start visiting these profiles, return to your LinkedIn and click on “Visit Profiles” — the robot will start working and you will see a small screen at the bottom of the page showing it visiting profiles.

(To learn how to send automated personalised messages, check out a more detailed blog post here)

If you are worried that Dux-Soup will visit hundreds of profiles without you even noticing — stop worrying now. You are in full control of the process and can set the exact number of profiles it should visit per day. This means that once it reaches the daily limit, Dux-Soup will come to a complete stop.

2. Scrape emails

Yes, you can scrape emails with Dux-Soup which you can export and use for your marketing campaigns. As you probably know by now that in order to access a profiles’ contact information, you need to be their 1st degree connection.

Since the latest update from LinkedIn, when you export your connections directly from LinkedIn, the emails for your 1st degree connections (sadly) are no longer exported.

Here’s the good news: with Dux-Soup, you still can capture the emails of your 1st, 2nd and 3rd degree connections!

Note that for scraping the emails for your 2nd and 3rd degree connections, you need to purchase Dux-Soup points additionally from the Dux-Store.

Start scraping the profiles now! Learn how to get the emails with Dux-Soup from the article here.

3. Upload your custom list to Dux-Soup

If you use a CRM and have a list of contacts you need to contact, Dux-Soup can also help you with this. With the integrated “Revisit Data” function, you can upload a custom made CSV of profiles to Dux-Soup and run it to connect or message them.

Only one thing to be aware of — as Dux-Soup recognizes a specific format of a document, your CSV must contain these columns: Profile, First Name, Last Name. That’s it! All you have to do is upload it to Dux-Soup “Revisit Data”, set up your message and start visiting.

To recap how you can upload your custom made list in just a few steps, read our blog post here

4. User friendly interface

It’s easy to manage Dux-Soup as all the options are all in one place. To access the options, simply click on Dux-Soup and go to Options on the menu.

Here you will find everything you need for LinkedIn lead generation: setting up your message, tags, set your daily limits for messages and profile visits, your skipping options, etc. Each feature has a brief description next to it so you will always know exactly what it does.

5. Manage your leads effectively

As you are contacting profiles everyday, it can quickly become difficult to manage them all. For this, Dux-Soup has a nifty tagging feature which lets you easily retrieve the profiles you want.

Tagging profiles is easy and once you set up and select what tags you want to use, you can leave Dux-Soup to do the rest — the profiles will be tagged as the robot visits the profiles.

To retrieve the tagged profiles, you need to use our “Search by Tag Tool” where you can bring up a list of all your tagged profiles:

From here, you can contact the specific group of tagged profiles: send them connection requests or message your current contacts.

We’ve written a comprehensive guide on how to tag and untag profiles with Dux-Soup so make sure to check out this article.

6. Get expert advice (bonus tip!)

I know, we meant to be covering 5 reasons to use Dux-Soup but this one simply could not be missed. As a Dux-Soup user, you are more than welcome to join our Facebook Group.

We already have over 1,500 users from various companies, industries who are working on the same goals as you! With our friendly and supportive community of Dux-Soup users, this is a perfect place to learn growth hacking tips on how to connect and follow up with leads and get advice on how to use Dux-Soup. Go ahead and join our Dux-Soup Facebook Group here.

Ready to try Dux-Soup?

We have a trial available — no commitments! You can download our free Dux-Soup Edition here — see how it works and what options it offers. Should you want to explore the full functionality of the Pro version, we have flexible billing plans, suitable for teams and individuals.

Our customer support is always happy to help, too! Let us know if you have any questions or problems at and we are happy to help!

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