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January 8, 2021

December Quacks

December Quacks

Dux-Soup News

Happy New Year Duxers! 

Wherever you are - whether there’s deep snow outside or hot sun, we hope you had a great holiday and feel rested and ready for 2021! We certainly are.

With lockdowns giving rise to increased LinkedIn usage and more ‘eyes on screens’, 2020 was an unprecedented year for social selling. As the biggest and most trusted LinkedIn automation tool on the market, Dux-Soup responded - giving users (among other things) the Dux-Dash UI, the new Funnel Flow lead management tool and connecting Dux to Pipedrive’s CRM.

Read our 2020 roundup in the newsletter to remind yourself what else we were up to!

This continued drive to make Dux easier to use and more helpful to your lead management process is a key focus for us in 2021. So, watch this space as we’ve got some great new developments planned.

But before we go there let’s take a look back at the last month of 2020 - there was no slowing down for Dux in December…

December insights and webinars

It was a busy month with lots of new and interesting content from our blog and webinar programs. 

Before we go on, why not make things easier for yourself in 2021 and take 30 seconds to subscribe to ‘The Dux’ lead generation blog. You’ll get real-time alerts whenever we publish something new, saving you time and ensuring you’ve got the latest lead gen tips and tricks!

For now, here’s a recap of all that went on last month...

How to build a targeted LinkedIn audience was our most popular webinar of the month (not surprisingly) - with over 1000 registrations.

In this webinar, our guest speaker, Rob Turley, CEO at White Rabbit Intel discussed how to build a targeted audience for your lead gen programs, increase LinkedIn engagement and double your productivity! What’s not to like in that?

Using Dux-Soup, White Rabbit Intel increased engagement on LinkedIn by 250%. By using White Rabbit’s AI and adding that to Dux-Soup outreach, results skyrocketed by 3,000%! 

Watch the webinar here. Or download the White Rabbit case study. It’s really impressive stuff.

Drip Marketing with Dux-Soup Turbo

With Dux-Soup Turbo, you can extend the lead gen process by designing and executing an automated drip campaign to your LinkedIn connections. 

Automating this “post connection” stage of your lead gen funnel saves you valuable time by qualifying who is really interested in your product or service. 

In the blog, we talk through how to set everything up in Dux-Soup Turbo so you retain the control to stop the campaign and follow up on a 1:1 basis when a prospect responds to your messages. Read the blog here.

And - if you like what you see why not try Turbo today on a 7 day free trial!

Dux-Soup 2020 Highlights

In this blog, Dux-Soup looks back on a year to remember!

And what an unprecedented year it was. Check out the Dux-Soup highlights of 2020 including the Dux-Dash UI, the new Funnel Flow lead management tool and connecting Dux to Pipedrive’s CRM.

And if you want to see Funnel Flow in action watch a demo here - the first 15 minutes of the webinar cover it in detail. (Do feel free to play along with the quiz if you want to stay on longer!)

Dux-Soup 💗 your reviews

We’d love it if you could write a quick review of Dux-Soup on G2 so that other users can get an honest appraisal of it from a user perspective - so they can make the right choice.

Just click this link to leave your review - thanks a million!

Our Support team always get great feedback - here’s some recent feedback from one of our happy customers:


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HAPPY 2021!

And remember...


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