Case studies

How Amped Marketing went from 0 to 349 meetings in just 3 months with Dux-Soup Turbo

The Blurb Agency is a full-service marketing agency, helping start-ups and fast-growing companies to rapidly scale and win market share.

Insurance start-up, Policy Powerhouse, builds launch momentum with Dux-Soup, resulting in faster customer acquisition.

Use the power of Dux-Soup Turbo to take your meeting acceptances from 0-349 in just 3 months.
Amped Marketing share their hugely successful growth strategy with us.

Master Funding Solutions logo

Master Funding Solutions proves that using Dux-Soup Pro with LinkedIn offers the greatest conversion rates, reliably delivering 1-2 high quality leads a week, several meetings and a targeted database of prospects.

Davidson gray icon

Davidson Gray recommends Dux-Soup to help recruitment agencies to scale faster. Results demonstrate an increase in revenue whilst minimizing costs, with 100% uplift in company followers, and time savings of 3 in every 4 hours being cited.

white rabbit logo

Using Dux-Soup, White Rabbit Intel increased engagement on LinkedIn by 250%. By using White Rabbit’s AI and adding that to the Dux-Soup outreach, results skyrocketed by 3,000%!

Littoral logo

Littoral, a lead generation agency, has Dux-Soup Turbo in its core offering. Turbo saves Littoral 2 hrs a day and campaigns have up to 70% response rate - delivering instant ROI.

Selling made social logo

Selling Made Social has developed repeatable LinkedIn automation strategies to create a model that has increased connection rates to 67% and doubled the top of the sales funnel.

dacosta coaching logo

Da Costa Coaching has used Dux-Soup to reduce the time needed for lead generation by 80% and double the number of high-quality LinkedIn connections - in less than 4 months.

Poundsocial logo

Pound Social, a social growth agency, sourced a $100,000 investment from a single LinkedIn outreach campaign using Dux-Soup Turbo. Here's how they did it.

unomaly logo

Unomaly uses Dux-Soup with Sales Navigator to automate LinkedIn lead generation. They've built a strong pipeline of opportunities whilst freeing up more time for closing sales.

Travel Leisure Service logo

A travel service has deployed Dux-Soup to drive a global contact strategy targeting the travel industry. Read how Dux-Soup has scaled up LinkedIn outreach to generate new contacts.

Minty digital

Minty Digital uses Dux-Soup with LinkedIn for more efficient, scalable and precisely targeted digital marketing campaigns with ROI that is 'off the scale'.

Mywork logo

MyWork uses Dux-Soup for smarter, integrated digital marketing. Dux Soup's automation has generated 160,000+ leads in less than 12 months whilst lowering the cost per conversion.

Enterprise Sales Forum Logo

The Enterprise Sales Forum uses Dux-Soup to target prospective members on LinkedIn and accelerate the chapter’s growth. Membership has rocketed to 1,200 in half the time expected.

Maximize logo

Maximize Others Leadership Resources generates $100,000 per month using Dux-Soup with LinkedIn and has a 95% conversion rate on new leads for their executive job placement service.

RJS Associates logo

RJS Associates, a specialist recruitment agency, covers Canada and the US. It uses Dux-Soup to replicate the work of one full time employee, saving the company over $40,000 annually.