Hubspot LinkedIn Integration

Connect Hubspot to LinkedIn with Dux-Soup, allowing you to run your LinkedIn campaigns from Hubspot whilst enriching your CRM data

Connect Hubspot to LinkedIn in under 5 minutes

With a Dux-Soup Turbo license, you can access our LinkedIn Hubspot integration, creating a seamless connection between LinkedIn and Hubspot in under 5 minutes. Our easy video shows you how.

Run your LinkedIn outreach activity from Hubspot and generate more leads

Once you’ve connected Hubspot to LinkedIn, you’ll be able to send LinkedIn connection invitations and messages from Hubspot.
Plus, enroll Hubspot contacts into drip campaigns, filling your pipeline with new leads, allowing you to spend more time closing deals.

Read how this is done in easy steps.

Enrich Hubspot with LinkedIn data and feed your activity pipeline

Automatically update Hubspot when you get a new LinkedIn connection or messages, keeping your records up-to-date.
Automatically create follow-up activities in Hubspot so you can focus your time on engaged LinkedIn prospects and convert more sales.

You’ll have a 360 degree view of your LinkedIn activity against each Hubspot contact, centralizing and enriching your prospect information across the business.

Integrate Hubspot with LinkedIn today

Save time, scale your outreach and enrich your Hubspot CRM today with Dux-Soup’s Hubspot LinkedIn integration.