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How can I continue with Dux-Soup Turbo after the 14 days?

It’s super easy - purchase a Turbo license from our website to unlock full access beyond the 14 days.

Will I get notified when my trial is coming to an end?

Absolutely, we’ll notify you within the app, and also by email, when your additional features are coming to an end.

What happens to my data after my trial?

You can download ‘profile visit’ data within the app at any point during the 14 days. If you connect Dux-Soup to your CRM system, your data will automatically be transferred. After the 14 days, should you opt for the free starter plan, you will no longer have access to your campaign data, but any LinkedIn connections and messages will be accessible from LinkedIn.

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Which Dux-Soup plan is right for you?

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