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About Us

Dux-Soup is a LinkedIn lead generation tool born out of necessity. Back in 2015 founder Will van der Sanden realized he was spending waaay too much time obtaining, compiling and managing qualified contacts from LinkedIn. His focus needed to be on nurturing prospects through the sales process and winning more business. Put simply, Will knew he needed to work smarter to grow faster.

Another way
With the advance of social selling and the death of traditional ‘sales and marketing’ campaigns, Will knew he was onto a good thing.
Launched in 2016
Dux-Soup caused an immediate media storm. As John Nemo, author of the bestselling book, ‘LinkedIn Riches’ commented at the time, ‘I mention Dux-Soup and people go berserk. They’re always like, “What’s the URL?”'
One guy in an audience asked, “Wait, you have to pay for it?” And a sales guy jumped up and said, “I’ve been using it for two months. It’s worth way beyond the few dollars a month for the hassle and stress it saves me.”

40,000+ users later the rest, as they say, is history

Meet the Team

The Founder

With a background in software development and enterprise mashups, Will van der Sanden is a genius at combining data from different sources to create something bigger and better. Will manages a brilliant team of software developers, business analysts and support staff to ensure Dux-Soup keeps you one step ahead of your competition.

Head of Customer Support

Patrick Collins is passionate about helping people and creating the best user experience for the Dux-Soup audience. You’ll see him conducting webinars, commenting on Facebook posts or responding to your support tickets. Patrick is also the founder of Prospect Labs, a lead generation service for Startups & SMBs.

Head of Marketing

Adam Osman is passionate about using the latest marketing techniques to help companies and brands grow. With two decades of experience in marketing technology products for international companies and startups alike, Adam leads the effort to spread the word about how Dux-Soup can benefit companies looking to turbo charge their lead generation.