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The smarter way to generate new business using LinkedIn

With Dux-Soup it’s easy to find, attract and engage with your prospects on LinkedIn. Let Dux-Soup do the prospecting leg-work, so you can focus on growing your business and closing deals.

Turbo Edition
Pay Monthly
Includes one week free trial
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Build relationships with your prospects instead of chasing them

Shorten your sales cycle and sell to more customers
Qualify leads better and enjoy higher conversion rates
Make meaningful connections faster and more easily
Boost your LinkedIn profile with more endorsements

Join 50,000+ users working smarter with Dux-Soup

Anna Soeurs
Excellent tool to automate sending connection requests with personalized messages. We've found it extremely helpful in recruiting candidates, as well as building connections w/ potential clients. Support is also excellent.
Aous Shakra
Excellent software that automated what was a time consuming and mundane task.
Matas Pranckevicius
Dux-Soup beats every competitor out there. This is hands down the smartest option when it comes to LinkedIn, and it's worth every penny. More importantly - do not take the unparalleled customer support for granted. Dux-Soup goes above and beyond to help their users.
Raeann Salter
It's a great app. Customer support is excellent!
Bruce Dixon
Incredibly responsive support. ANY problems they get on to them. LOVE the product!
Vedran Rasic
I love Dux-Soup!! It generates leads while I Zz, but also it helps me to connect to hundreds of professionals around LinkedIn and web. It's a tool that I continuously recommend to my friends and fellow BDs and product builders.
Susan Lamb
Excellent app and support. I went from manually sending 657 messages over 6 hours to activating Visit Profile and bam it took care of the messages to the other 500.
Honestly, I've already generated leads that have been converted to more than $30,000. Amazing tool for lead generators at any company. Brilliant idea and keep up the good work! LOVE your product!