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There’s no doubt that personalization is a hot topic when it comes to the sales outreach landscape. But can you still achieve high levels of personalization whilst scaling up your outreach activity to generate more leads from LinkedIn?

At Dux-Soup we love a challenge, and we think we’ve risen rather well to this one. Our latest feature allows you to send multiple, concurrent drip campaigns to targeted LinkedIn prospects whilst personalizing each individual message for improved conversion rates.

Quality and quantity – now that’s music to our ears!

Released with the latest version of Dux-Soup, multiple drip campaigns takes LinkedIn automation to the next level, raising the bar in terms of scale and targeting - allowing you to reach more of your prospects, faster.

It’s available with our Turbo subscription, so if you like what you see, you can subscribe to Turbo here on a 7-day free trial.

User-driven development

Dux-Soup’s user base is instrumental to our product development schedule, and every Dux-Soup user can propose and nominate new features they would like to see within the product – it’s something we actively encourage.

The ability to run multiple drip campaigns at the same time carried the highest demand from our user base and so we made it happen – because customers always come first, right?

In fact, we are already exploring ways to develop this new feature even further; that’s how fast things can move.

How does the ability to run simultaneous drip campaigns help with lead gen?

Multiple drip campaigns allow you to run different personalized message sequences to different prospect lists in LinkedIn.

No ‘one size fits all’ approach here.

Whilst Dux-Soup Turbo previously allowed a single drip campaign of 6 touch points – comprising of 1 connection invite and 5 messages, it now offers unlimited drip campaigns to be executed at the same time with double the touch points per campaign. We’ve just scaled your lead gen potential massively.

Create up to 12 touch points per drip campaign – a connection request and 11 follow-up messages, if you need that many.

Set the delay between messages to as long as you like, allowing you to craft out the right outreach strategy for your business.

All of this means that you can target more of your prospects simultaneously, generating a larger volume of leads, faster. In true growth hacking style, you can accelerate your lead generation significantly.

Note: Whilst multiple follow-up (post connection) sequences can flow at the same time, only 1 enrolment campaign (a campaign sent to those still at the connection request stage) can be active at once. You don’t want to overdo your connection invitations and we encourage you to stay within LinkedIn’s safety limits to keep your account in good stead.

Once you have enrolled contacts in a campaign and a prospect has accepted your connection request, that campaign will flow even after you have moved on to your next enrolment campaign.

Managing your drip campaigns

Drip campaigns are configured and managed within the Dux Dash - this is the lead management dashboard where you will manage, edit and analyze your LinkedIn automation pathways.

There are 3 key steps to drip campaigns:

1. Create the drip campaign workflow

2. ‘Apply’ the campaign to your target audience to enable it to run

3. Monitor your campaign ‘per activity’