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Dux-Soup Turbo is ideal for digital agencies
that need to scale

Our multi-seat agency pricing can flex with the
needs of your business and your clients

for Agencies
Dux-Soup Turbo
per month
10+ client seats
Metered billing – only pay for what you use
Monthly consolidated billing
Discounted monthly rates
License administration
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Dux-Soup Turbo gives our agency the ability to run hyper-targeted campaigns at a much lower price point than traditional digital marketing. We integrate Dux-Soup Turbo to offer LinkedIn growth services that provide automated lead generation at scale!

Zeb Pirkey, Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer, Pound Social

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Find Prospects
Find Prospects
Support for LinkedIn Standard & Business+
Support for Sales Navigator
Support for Recruiter Lite
Upload your own list of profiles
Visit based on previously downloaded CSV
Target previously tagged profiles
Auto-view profiles
User Configurable
Auto-invite with personalised message
Auto-message 1st degree connections
Auto-InMail any profile
Auto-endorse connections
Auto-save to PDF
Filter 'Influencers', 'Premium Members', 'Job Seekers',  'Open Link members', 'CRM imports'
Filter Tagged Profiles, Profiles Already Visited in the past X days
Filter based on a Custom pattern
Auto-skip previously visited profiles
Take notes with any profile
Tag any profile
Unlimited Tags
Record manual profile visits
Search tagged profiles
Auto-tag profiles
Download Visited Profile-Data as CSV
Export search results via Quickscan
Import CSV into your favourite CRM system
Download profile Notes
Download profile Tags
Download full Job and Education History
Download full Skill list
Automatic Follow-Up
Send automatic follow-ups in LinkedIn
Set up a LinkedIn ‘drip’ campaign with delays of up to 31 days
Automatically halt a campaign upon reply from the prospect
Easily list profiles that have replied, for manual follow up
No reliance on Zapier
Performance Dashboard
Manage your subscription
View automation history
Access Dux-Store
View / remove scheduled automations
Connect your CRM
Manage and control leads in your funnel
Workflow Integration
Record Profile data and log automated actions in Zapier/HubSpot
Trigger profile visits and Actions from Zapier/HubSpot
Receive LinkedIn messages in Zapier/HubSpot
Receive connection acceptance notifications in Zapier/HubSpot
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